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Pamela Christian

I'm Pamela Christian. I'm always seeking to help people discover and grow in faith. That's why I'm referred to as


Pamela Christian is a woman who intently seeks to respond to all of life with God's eternal perspective.  She readily admits she's not been perfect but she's definitely been passionate about it.  Her varied life experiences, many humorous and some tragic, have caused her to more fully grasp that this world is not our home, rather it's God's workshop.  Her service as the Teaching Director for Community Bible Study for nearly seven years, followed by invitations to present her unique style of imparting wisdom, insights and hope, nation-wide, equipped her for the radio broadcasting work, which she has also enjoyed.  A published author, wife and mother of two grown children, Pamela Christian shares her life story in all candor to help others apply the truth to their own life, to embrace the victory and joy available through faith in Jesus, that He has promised.  More at  

Pamela Christian's Background

Pamela Christian's Experience

Director of Business Development at The Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network

March 2015 - Present |

I work directly with the owners to creatively expand the mission and reach of The Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network.

Literary Strategist at Trinity Press International

March 2014 - Present

I am part of the team who works with authors helping them through the production, marketing and distribution processes for their books.

Author at Pamela Christian Ministries

January 2013 - Present | California

Examine Your Faith! Finding Truth in a World of Lies, is my first in a three-series book that is endorsed by Josh McDowell, Dr. Craig Hazen and Dan Story, among others. Excellent book trailer available at

Owner at Pamela Christian Ministries

1997 - Present

After teaching for Community Bible Study for nearly seven years Pam began receiving invitations to speak at retreats and conferences. As a result she started Pamela Christian Ministries. Speaking and writing on various topics, all Christian faith based, as a natural born advocate Pam offers excellent instruction, compassionate encouragment and proven guidance to overcome life's adversities. She's become known as "The Faith Doctor" with her work helping others to secure a confident faith that produces results.

Account Executive at Crawford Broadcasting

May 2010 - April 2012

As Account Executive I was responsible for bringing in new advertisers for this Christian formatted Teaching and Talk station. My measurable success in securing added revenues for the company was far greater than any of my recent predecessors.

Radio Talk Show Host at Salem Communications

February 2005 - January 2006

Hosted the only live program for KFAX from 5-7:00 pm daily. This interactive Christian radio talk-show covered religion, politics, current events and pop-culture. I absolutely loved this job and the company and reluctantly resigned in obedience to God's leading. I am now pursuing a ministry career in media in Southern California.

Radio Host at Pamela Christian Radio Show

June 2003 - August 2003

As host of my own 2-hour weekly radio program on a Crawford Broadcasting station, KBRT, in Southern California my radio ministry work was launched. I broadcasted live 2hours every Sunday during the summer when the station acquires additional broadcast time. It was a great success that lead to my next position with Salem Communications. More at

Pamela Christian's Education


2000 – 2000


Concentration: Certification in Christian Apologetics

Pamela Christian's Interests & Activities

My interests surround friends and family. I love to cook and entertain and when I can't actually travel we explore other places through food. and .net are online hobby businesses. I have plans to write a few destination recipe books. Activities include tennis, working out, snow skiiing and strolling through vineyards learning more about the passion of wine making.

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